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Venice Peach Bellini Squeezable Wax Melts

Venice Peach Bellini Squeezable Wax Melts

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Venice Peach Bellini -Fruity and balanced with creamy peach, delicate greens, and a hint of jasmine, this scent also features sweet orange, tangy grapefruit peel, and a veil of vanilla musk.

This Is Our Squeeze Wax . Natural Soy blend with Carrier Oil .

Non Toxic , Smokeless , Vegan and Eco- Friendly .

1. Squeeze Before Use to Massage to Reactivate the Scent

2. Place into a only Wax Warmer 

3. Squeezable Wax Allows you to control how Concentrated your scent is! You Can create your own recipe by mixing scents into one warmer

4. If wax is too solid or hard to squeeze , Run Under Warm Water for 10-30 Seconds and check

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