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Sour Patch Hanging Car Oil Diffuser Freshener

Sour Patch Hanging Car Oil Diffuser Freshener

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Sour Patch A little sweet and a little sour Aldehydic, Citrusy (Lemon , Lime and Fruity ) Top Notes,  Pineapple and Berry Type Middle Notes, Sweet Vanilla , Cotton Candy and Musky Bottom Notes

Discover a burst of freshness during your everyday drive with our handcrafted Car Fresheners'! They Last a Long Time ( Approximately 1-3 Months ) and they are Reusable 

1. Unscrew Wooden Cap and Remove Plastic Stopper

2. Replace Wooden Cap and Tighten

3. Turn Freshener Upside Down for 3-5 Seconds until wooden cap is Saturated with Oil

4. Turn Bottle Back Upright and Hang on your Rearview Mirror

5. Clean up any spills immediately to avoid any damage 

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